TK Tankstellen

TK Fuel Stations

Customer Service is available +43 5552 34700.

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Our Values

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Our Philosophy – for our Employees and Partners

  • Sustainability: Sustainability means that the needs of today’s generations are met, without impacting the opportunities of future generations. All our products and offers are not “one-day wonders.” By choosing them, we intend to be the right, long-term partner for our customers for their needs in the mobility realm.
  • Efficiency: No matter whether the vehicle fleet of the customer or our tanker trucks. The principle of efficiency should be followed in all cases in order to meet future challenges effectively.
  • Fairness: A good partnership is built upon confidence and fairness. We attempt to provide our customers with fair products and are constantly working to earn their confidence in us.
  • Setting Long-term goals: We have recognized the problems of the future and are already working on their solution. With biofuel we have taken a first step; with our comprehensive AdBlue network we have taken the second.
  • Responsibility: We understand our responsibility to our customers, to our employees, to our partners and to society.
  • Regional Affiliates: At home in Europe, and headquartered in Vorarlberg. We value that our partners provide their products and services from their own regions and thus make a personal contribution to the local economy.