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Customer Service is available +43 5552 34700.

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Kilometer Input

At your request, a km-input can be printed on the receipt. With every fuelling stop, the driver must input the current km-reading. The readings will appear on the invoice and the fuel consumption from one fuel stop to the next can be easily computed.

Digitally Signed Monthly Invoice

Your invoice will arrive digitally signed by mail. This means that your mailed invoice will also be recognized by the finance office. So you will have your invoice even faster at hand.

Convenient and Secure

Your fuel costs will be absolutely transparent. With the listing of your fuel cards and vehicles on the invoice, you can easily allocate your transactions and if necessary, any unusual items can be checked immediately. Payment is convenient and simple by bank deduction.

Fill Up with Fuel & with Benefits - à la card.

TK Fuel Stations GmbH operates six wholly-owned fuel stations in the Vorarlberg region. The facilities are easy to reach, have excellent services and offer numerous conveniences specifically for truck drivers. All have large parking areas and also showers, toilets and refreshment stations and are preferred fuel and rest stops for truck drivers.

But the special attraction is the European Card that customers can use with us and at over one-hundred additional stations along main transportation routes in Austria and Germany for convenient fuelling. Details on the current fuel station network are found here

The Driving Force – for Alternative Fuels as well

We provide not only all imaginable conventional fuels, but we are also heavily involved in the field of alternative fuels. As a pathfinder in the field of biodiesel in the region, we have long had this environmentally friendly alternative in our product assortment and were also the first vendors of AdBlue. The following fuels are normally available at our fuel stations and at those of our partners:

  • Diesel
  • Diesel Mix B30
  • Diesel Mix B50
  • Biodiesel
  • AdBlue
  • Carburetor fuels

TK Service Team

TK Tankstellen GmbH
Quadrella 3, 6706 Bürs

Tel +43 5552 34700
Fax +43 5552 34700 20