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Customer Service is available +43 5552 34700.

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Four steps to your fuel card

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1. Download the application form and the SEPA form:

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../../fileadmin/ migrated/pics/EN SEPA PDF

2. Fill out and print the fuelling application and SEPA form using the Adobe Reader right on your computer, or print out the form and complete it legibly by hand.

3. Have the SEPA form stamped and certified at your credit institution/bank.

4. Send the completed fuelling application and the stamped SEPA form directly to TK Fuel Stations, Quadrella 3 in A-6706 Bürs.

If you have problems with the PDF file, please visit and check whether you are using the latest version (at least Version 7) of the Adobe Reader.

Customer Service

TK Tankstellen - Customer Service
Tel +43 5552 34700