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VAT Refunding

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On the road using our fuel cards and having a consistent VAT refunding feature. That is TK Service.

At present you may receive refunds of VAT paid in over 20 countries. This is a source of income that is often overlooked.


  • A separate refunds department in Austria
  • Net - Invoicing for fuelling via the Scheier European Card (powered by TK Fuel Stations) for Austria
  • VAT refunds in over 20 European countries
  • Assistance in recovery of petroleum tax refunds in several countries
  • VAT advice

Many companies avoid the bureaucratic involvement and thus over-estimate the associated expense. Other firms often do not even know that they may request refunds of VAT. So use our competency in handling these services. We will help you, through our partners, not only to get these funds returned, but in addition will check your legal rights in your specific field of endeavor and will exploit them for you to the fullest. Thus you will create some extra time for your daily work and have the certainty that all necessary measures have been taken in your interest. There is no annual fee or hourly rates, you only pay a fee when actual refunds are received. Improve your liquidity – this is a necessary benefit for every enterprise.

In addition to cooperation with stable and serious partners for tax refunds in many European countries, we also ensure transparency and guarantee professional handling of all required contacts in this industry. We offer our customers the refunding of Austrian VAT through our own in-house department. Our employees will handle your refunds requests directly and responsibly.

Your advisor is available at any time for consulting on matters of VAT refunds.

TK Service Team

Contact: Claudia Gratt
Tel +43 664 88684021