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Customer Service is available +43 5552 34700.

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Once upon a time...

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We are a company with a short history, but with highly experienced employees with know-how in the fuel station/energy industry.

The acquisition of the operational business of the TK Tankstellen GmbH in April 2010 meant the acquisition of operations across Europe. Besides the operation of our wholly-owned fuel stations in Vorarlberg – from Lake Constance to Arlberg – we gained contacts all across Europe with numerous partner companies in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic , Netherlands and Germany. Due to the restructuring and new customer demand, the Austrian and German network of Acceptance Stations was improved.


Due to the progressive developments in the field of alternative fuels and fuel systems, a network of experts and partner companies was also acquired. Through targeted and sustainable product innovations we will also in future offer our customers a comprehensive and attractive network of fuel stations. In addition, the expansion of existing sites is also being planned.