TK Tankstellen

On the right road

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Values we stand for. Values we work for.

We stand for both consistent development and innovation. We stand for an orientation to the needs of customers and also for a continual improvement of our product assortment.

Resources & Alternatives

Through the efficient use of limited resources in the past, we quickly made a name for ourselves in the energy industry. In cooperation with numerous partnering organizations, even back in the early years we invested in alternative fuels or propulsion systems and began the search for an alternative to fossil fuels, such as diesel fuel, for example.

Likewise it was also recognized at an early date that biofuels from grain such as canola had no future and we developed a method for production of biodiesel from waste materials.

Innovation & Products

Daily giving our best to our customers is an important component of our employees’ philosophy. This means that we understand customer service in the Internet (Customer Center) as well as the latest products and infrastructure on site. As one of the first companies in the Vorarlberg, our firm offers a comprehensive network for AdBlue and is thus already prepared for the future.


Sustainable developments and actions can only occur when the relationships between individuals, their actions and products are well-understood. Thus we emphasize holistic solutions and comprehensive customer service – whether for private customers or commercial customers.


The basis for these developments and philosophy is our responsibility toward our customers, our employees, our partners and toward society as a whole.

This is our promise: we serve your mobility. Throughout Europe.