TK Tankstellen

It’s that easy!

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Step 1.

There is a fuel vending machine at the fuel pumps at our fuel stations. Hold your Chip for 2 – 3 seconds in front of the green Legic-field (scanner) or insert your fuel card into the designated slot (note the indicated direction for the magnetic strip) until a beep tone indicates card recognition.

You will be prompted on the Display to input your personal code.

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Step 2.

Type in your personal security code. Press the green “Confirm” button and then select the desired pump.

You will now be prompted to begin fuelling.

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Step 3.

Fuel up with the fuel of your choice.

For safety, please do not smoke or use fire or mobile telephones in the vicinity of the fuel pump.

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Step 4.

After fuelling, you can print out a receipt.

Just press the “Receipt” button and again select the pump where you filled up. After a few seconds, your receipt will be printed and you can remove it from the compartment identified by the “Receipt” lettering.

What to do if I make a mistake?

If you make a mistake in typing in your security code, just press the yellow “Correction” button or the red “Cancel” button, and change your input or begin anew.

TK Customer Service

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