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Our customers value our products and service. Even though only our station at Hörbranz Ziegelbachstrasse has personnel on site, we still won’t abandon you long at other stations.

Automated Stations with Service

All our stations have a voice communication system which is connected during business hours to our central system. In addition, we have made sure that extensive information is available at each station about how to prevent operating errors.

In addition, all stations are equipped with the most modern and reliable equipment, which allows us to minimize any potential down times. For your safety the entire facility of each fuel station in Vorarlberg is video-monitored around the clock. This is also an important matter for our European partners and is being implemented.

24h Service for our Customers

But if there should occur technical problems outside of our business hours, you can still reach TK Service Technicians via mobile telephone on the service number published on site. These technicians can usually find a solution to occurring problems within a few minutes.

Cashless due to Funds Transfer

With your personal TK Tankchip you can fuel up every month without cash – all you need is the Legic Tankcard and your personal security code to fill up your tank with us. At the beginning of the next month, the amount invoiced from the prior month will be deducted from your account by means of a funds transfer agreement.

Verification: Printed receipts and invoice

You can verify the deducted amount by using the receipts which you can print out after every fuelling process at our automatic pumps, or by means of digitally signed PDF-invoice sent by email at month end. Of course, this service is at no cost and can be requested at any time by email from our Customer Service.

The Latest Information

You will find the latest news about the TK Fuel Station network here on our website, on Facebook and Twitter. If your email address is saved in our database, we will let you know about important changes (for example, temporary unavailability of your regional TK Fuel Station…) by means of the TK Email Newsletter.

TK Customer Service

Tel +43 5552 34700, Fax +43 5552 34700 20


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